About Me



My name is Rhythm

I am a portrait photographer based in SF. I have been a freelance photographer for the last four years and I love a good story when I hear one . My biggest mission in life is to photograph my way through it!

It all started

When I was 17 years old, after months of saving while working as a cashier at a local store I bought my first ever camera with what seemed like a whooping  $700.00. I was the proud owner of a DSLR. From then on my Nikon and I were inseparable!   My camera and I traveled everywhere together, from constant New Zealand trips to long train journeys through India. We made memories together and I made sure of that.

Then I realized..
It eventually took me years to realize the simple fact that I fell in love with people wherever I went and whoever I met. Slowly, I stopped consciously trying to take pictures and started talking to people, I started listening, understanding, learning and beautiful photographs  eventually happened by themselves because I started doing it with a passion.

Every single individual has a story that makes them who they are and as a photographer, I had a way of connecting them together, creating commonalities, helping them  relate to each other and make new bonds. I understood the beauty and power of story telling through photographs.

Photographs are the only way I tell my stories.
If you have an amazing story, I want to tell it on your behalf!

Have a compliment, suggestion or a photo inquiry?

Email:   rhythm.km@gmail.com

logo3As of April 2015, I am in partnership with Vizavoo and I have signed on as a official photographer under the amazing startup. 

Vizavoo is a ultimate beauty on demand application that gives you access to real time booking within the hour for amazing hair stylists and makeup artists, wherever you are located. The startups focuses on freelancers and give them the power of taking charge of their own passion and help promote hidden talent. www.vizavoo.com



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