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I first met Sru and Carlos at the end of the 2013, early 2014. They recently got engaged, so in love with each other , with a world-wind of a love story ( trust me on this ).  We instantly became friends.Two and half years later, I get a text from her asking me how much I charged for photographing their wedding to which i replied back “A bazillion dollars!”.

I love working with folks who trust what I do and let me do what I do best, which is to document events the way I see it. It was an day full of laughter, a really happy couple, windy San Francisco and a small panic that they might not be able to get married the day of! Here are a few of my favorites the day of.

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IMG_3490IMG_3495IMG_3510IMG_3507IMG_3516IMG_3525IMG_3729IMG_3542IMG_3720IMG_3551IMG_3616bwIMG_3662IMG_3702IMG_3742IMG_3736IMG_3749IMG_3754IMG_3755IMG_3762IMG_3770IMG_3778IMG_3809IMG_3836IMG_3850 2IMG_3907IMG_3926IMG_3897IMG_3935IMG_3964IMG_3976

This was shot in early 2014 when they first got engaged!
Crazy story, the first shot: I SOMEHOW convinced them to jump a barbed wire fence to take a photo at this stunning location and what followed was a very angry owner of this property who kicked us out!



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Beauty in life is always of the simple little things hidden in it. I started documenting the little things my life and slowly fell in love with love with making photographs that tell stories. Have any inquiries, concerns or just want to say hello? Contact:

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