The Portuguese Sunset


We ended up flying to Porto. No, not out of the want to travel there but simply because RyanAir was the only cheapest flight we found that got us from Barcelona to Portugal. We decided to stay in Porto for 2 days. It was a very short time and it was only after the end of first day I realized how much I underestimated the value of this quaint, charming city.

We booked a hostel for one night at the Porto City Hostel, which was 10 minutes walking distance away from the city center. Considering how incredibly small the little city is, walking everywhere was quick. It was my first time staying at a hostel, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The morning of the second day I got startled awake by what sounded like someone opening the shared bathroom door loudly at 8AM. I peeked out of my  blanket to see what appeared to be a half naked girl who ran out of the bathroom to wear  pants on her bunk bed. ( whoever knew in a week or so we both would actually end up becoming best of friends in paris).

The last day  , was filled with a 4 hour walking tour of the city, mixed with amazing chocolate cake, an adorable tour guide ( who i later find out is a part time chef!) and made some amazing friends during the tour.
2 quirky guys from Brazil, a very timid young man from Mexico City, and one of the sweetest Korean/Russian girls I’ve ever met. We all ended up having lunch together on the day, and decided to walk miles along the river bank all in the hopes of trying to go to the beach since no one had the patience to wait for a bus. Although we never actually got to beach, that one evening was probably one of the most memorable days I’ve spent traveling. It was all in the curious questions we all asked each other about each others lives, the half broken conversations, all the silly jokes, big smiles and just staring up at the sky, admiring the subtle colors and beautiful hues after the sunset. It was over 5 miles we walked together and not one person complained, eventually stopping at a boating dock and stared at the stars ( Which I realized later on was the reason why there was pigeon poop all over my black bag).


Porto to me was special. Its difficult to not fall in love with it. Its has a beautiful old charm to it and would recommend anyone to go visit at least once!




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